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"This is a place where those with diabetes are the majority not the minority.

We accept imperfections as perfection.

We know you are cool with diabetes, and that you can accomplish everything and more.

This is about sharing your experience, no one else knows what having a reaction feels like.

This is about never letting diabetes be an excuse not to succeed.

Diabetes doesn't stop you but empowers you to live well and strategize.

From navigating Harlem to the entrepreneurial life with Kanye, Jay Z, Cam’ron, Roc-A-Fella, Rocawear and directing Kevin Harts first movies. 

I’ve been diabetic all around the world; jail, Saint Tropez, helicopters, China, Africa, Jamaica, boarding school.

I just got to a Level 7. I've gone through the journey and I want to explain what works for me. "


- Host Damon Dash Type 1 Diabetic


Host / Damon Dash
Co-Host / Wifey for Lifey Raquel Horn

The Dash Diabetes Network is a dia-bad-ass community of musicians, artists, actors, filmmakers, holistic doctors, and everyday people speaking out on their diabetic experiences. We teach you about the newest medical innovations, fitness, wellness, holistic approaches, culinary recipes, how to keep a healthy mentality and look cool doing it. 



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