Labor Day Weekend White Wine Spritzer


Looking for something refreshing but low in sugar this Labor Day Weekend? We've got the perfect drink - Dusko White Wine Spritzer

*Pro-Tip: The key to a great spritzer is to make sure your wine and your sparkling water are as cold as possible. This creates a refreshing cocktail that really opens up the aromatics of the wine. 

*Use Organic / Non-GMO Whenever Possible

Handful of Raspberries
1 Bottle of Dusko Blu: Riesling Wine
1 Cup Sparkling Water
Sliced Lemon
Mint for garnish


1. Muddle raspberries at bottom of jar
2. Throw in a few handfuls of ice
3. Pour in the Dusko Blu
4. Top off with Sparkling Water
5. Give it all a mix
6. Garnish with Lemon and Mint

Lay by the pool and enjoy!